Sentence Construction Muat Turun

    1. Section A, Paper 2 of the UPSR English paper tests you on sentence construction. This section tests your ability to write using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

      A picture and ten words are given for this question. You have to write five sentences to describe the situation given. You may use the ten words to help you write your sentences.

      Some helpful notes:
      • Look at the action words or verbs given in the boxes carefully.
      • Pay attention to the tense. If the words given are in the past tense, then describe the situation in the past tense.
      • Look for details in a picture to write interesting and complete sentences.
      • After you have written all your sentences, read them. Make sure that there are no mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuation.
      • You can use adjectives and adverbs to make your sentences more interesting. Adjectives are used to describe a noun or give more meaning to a noun. Adverbs are used to describe how an action is done.


        Using adjectives

        woman carrying head
        A tall woman is carrying a rattan basket on her head.
      • Look carefully for details in the picture to determine the suitable adjectives to use.

        Using adverbs
        guests hid behind opened shouted

        The guests hid patiently behind the furniture. My father opened the door and everyone shouted “Happy Birthday!” happily.

    2. After you have read the instructions, look at the picture carefully. Determine the situation. You can do this by:
      1. Identifying the location - look for clues from the background scene
      2. Identifying what the people in the picture are doing
      3. Read the words given - use word association to help you determine the situation. For example, 'classroom', 'field' and 'canteen' are words associated with school, while 'curtain', 'bedroom' and 'porch' are words associated with home.

    3. Some helpful tips:
      • When you have an idea of the situation, describe the picture.
      • Use the words to help you form the sentences.
      • With the help of the picture, add more information to make your sentences complete and interesting.